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Elise LambertLars SvenssonElise LambertElise Lambert
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    Marc Bugnon
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    Isabella Müller
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    Jürgen Gunz
    AI Engineer
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    Matteo Ferrari
    Software Engineer
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    Clara Rodriguez
    Civil Engineer
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    Wolfgang Deutschmann
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    Lars Svensson
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    Elise Lambert
    Sales Manager
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    Anouk Jansen
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Jürgen GunzAI Engineer
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Every Photoshoot includes
Professional Headshots
Different Background Locations
Different Business Outfits
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AI Headshots without the AI Look
No Expensive Outfits or Styling
How it works
Upload your selfies
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AI photographer generates your portrait photos
We create an individual AI model with your digital image.
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You get different backgrounds, poses and styles to choose the perfect photo. You can expect 3-6 incredibly realistic and professional images from your order.
These photos are not real. All of them were created with our AI headshot generator.
Backdrops & Outfits
A variety of backdrops and outfits
You will receive professional backdrops and modern business outfits that perfectly match you.











Large selection of business outfits
Black Suit
Grey Suit
Navy Blue Suit
White Shirt
Light Blue Shirt
Black Sweater
Black Turtleneck
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Polo Shirt
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Dr. Headshot is using the latest AI technology trained by our team of AI engineers. We only focus on professional headshots to deliver studio quality portrait photos.
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¹ In comparison to 12 International web and app based alternatives.
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More than 50%
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Get high-quality, professional business headshots for your applications, LinkedIn or your employees without breaking your budget.
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Team members: 50

Every Photoshoot includes

100 Headshots
5 Different Background Locations
5 Different Business Outfits
Get photos in 1 hour
Change Backgrounds
Elise LambertLars SvenssonElise LambertElise Lambert
12.325+ happy customers
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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and Answers regarding our expert AI-driven headshot services for individuals and virtual teams.
What kind of pictures should I provide?+

It is advisable to give 6 chest-ups and 4 half body photos. Optimal quality images get the best results. Keep makeup minimal to avoid amplification in the rendered images. Plain or empty backgrounds give the best results. Nudes are not allowed, swimwear and underwear photos are acceptable.

Is it possible to get a bill for my purchase?+

Of course, you can receive an invoice post-purchase. Simply navigate to the invoice section, input your information, and then download it as a PDF.

What happens to my photos post-training?+

Our AI model is trained using the provided photos to create avatars. After that, the photos and models are removed from our servers within 30 days. To expedite deletion, hit the Delete button and we will promptly wipe all the data.

Who holds the rights to the images?+

The rights to the images belong to you. We provide you commercial rights and ownership for your AI images. Their sole use is for AI model training, after that we remove them after 30 days.

Where do you keep my information?+

Your data is securely held on servers located in the EU.

Which image formats can I upload?+

We can work with JPG, PNG, and HEIC formats.

Is the transaction process safe?+

Absolutely, we use Stripe for handling payments. Your payment details are never stored on our end.

Am I free to use my photos as I wish?+

Certainly, you have the freedom to use your images wherever you desire. We ensure you have comprehensive commercial rights and ownership of your pictures.

Can I ask for a refund?+

Refunds can only be given if your images have not yet been created by the AI. After the images have been created, we can no longer offer refunds due to the high costs involved in training an AI. However, if you are unsatisfied, we always offer a second attempt. Refund requests can be requested via this link: or directed to

Is it possible to remove my data?+

After 30 days, we will remove your images and data from our main databases. You also have the option to delete your images from your account whenever you wish.

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