Terms of Service

Dr. Headshot, operated by Jürgen Gunz, Fenzlgasse 1/14, 1150 Vienna, is offered under the condition that users accept our terms, including this Agreement and related policies.

By using Dr. Headshot's Services, you acknowledge the rights related to Service-generated Assets and other relevant provisions. Familiarize yourself with our privacy policy. Dr. Headshot and the user mutually agree to these terms for accessing the Services.

1. Service Availability and Quality

Dr. Headshot continuously improves his services, which can, however, change constantly. Dr. Headshot is a service to create portrait pictures using artificial intelligence. Users upload photos of themselves to the platform, and an AI will create a likeness of the person. Users must follow the photo requirements to achieve the quality of portrait pictures as shown in the sample images. If these requirements are disregarded, the AI cannot create a high-quality likeness. The images generated may contain artifacts or may not resemble the person 100%. This is a well-known characteristic of AI generated images. A selection of images (depending on the package) is provided, of which 3-6 satisfactory images can be expected.

2. Age Requirements

Users must be at least 18 or the age of digital consent in their country. Parents or guardians are responsible for their teenagers' activities on Dr. Headshot.

3. Your Information

Any personal information provided to Dr. Headshot will be handled as per our privacy policy.

4. Copyright and Trademark

Users own their uploads, while Dr. Headshot owns all Generations. Users are only allowed to upload pictures of themselfs or if they have permission. Compliance with these terms grants you exclusive rights to Generations.

5. Withdrawal instructions for digital products

When you purchase a digital product from Dr.Headshot, the following conditions apply:

  • You will begin the download or use of the digital product, especially the creation of photos, without delay.
  • You expressly agree that Dr.Headshot begins the provision of digital content or photos, that is, the fulfillment of the contract, immediately, and even before the end of the statutory withdrawal period.
  • You have understood and agree that with this consent to the immediate fulfillment of the contract, your right to withdraw expires.
  • By completing this purchase, you waive the normally granted 14-day statutory right of withdrawal.
  • 6. DMCA and Takedowns Policy

    If you believe your rights are infringed, contact support@drheadshot.com.

    7. Dispute Resolution and Governing Law

    All legal claims will be governed by Austria's laws. Disputes will be settled through arbitration in Austria.

    8. Ownership

    Users retain ownership of their photos and data. Dr. Headshot respects user privacy and does not exploit photos or data without explicit consent.

    9. Payment and Billing

    Users may be invoiced through a third-party payment provider. Violations may lead to service termination.

    10. Disclaimer & Policies

    • Maintain respect and kindness.
    • Age-restricted, sexually-orientated, pornographic content or any material of a lewd and lascivious nature cannot be generated using Dr. Headshot
    • Refrain from reposting without permission.

    11. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

    Dr. Headshot is provided "as is". We are not liable for any consequential damages. Misuse or infringement actions may result in legal action.

    12. Refund Policy

    Refunds are granted voluntarily under certain conditions. A refund is only possible if the AI has not yet started its training process. If the generated portraits do not match the input images, we offer a free retry. However, the last condition requires ensuring that all photo requirements have been strictly adhered to by the user. Once images have been downloaded, refunds are not possible due to the irrevocable nature of digital content procurement. Due to the significant costs associated with training the AI, no refunds will be given if these conditions are not met. Please see our Refund Policy for exact requirements.

    Refund Exceptions

    13. Miscellaneous

    This Agreement is binding and has several clauses related to force majeure, no agency, and others, ensuring mutual understanding and compliance.